Location: 505
UPN: X68A445-5 G Lt NI Wa A
Satellites: Rock, Rock, Primary, Rock, Jovian(55), Ice, Ice

System Primary
Diameter: 9600km Gravity 0.7
Atmosphere: Dense
Hydrography: Water Covered
Temperature: Temperate

Starport ( X )
Notes: No starport
Berthing Fee: NA.

Other Facilities:

29000 humans

Regulation Level 5
No personal concealable weapons.

Restricted Trade: Weapons, Technology, Computers.

Market Profile: Low Tech, Non-Industrial Water World.

Radigast was colonized without sanction early in the history of the subsector by a political splinter group from a similar world in another subsector in the Vland sector. The Imperium has been imposing an Amber travel warning for over 150 years in addition to prohibiting any Imperial infrastructure or presence as a result. Ironically, this lack of Imperial presence has spawned a rumored safe haven for pirates, so now the Amber code has a compelling reason to exist.
The planet is rumored to be ruled by a “Pirate Council” of criminal captains, elected by the planet’s inhabitants.
Travellers are warned that any traffic encountered in the system should be considered hostile, as should the entire populace of the primary.

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