Location: 0506
UPN: D789488-5 G S Lt NI
Satellites: Primary(2), Rock, Asteroid belt, Jovian(58)

System Primary
Diameter: 11200 Gravity 0.9
Atmosphere: Dense
Hydrography: Water World
Temperature: Temperate

Starport ( D )
Notes: No downport – ships must be able to make a water landing to visit the surface.
Berthing Fee: 20cr/week.

Other Facilities:
Scout Base: ISS Base

43500 humans

Regulation Level 8
No bladed weapons or stunners
Restricted Trade: Weapons, Drugs

Market Profile: Low Tech, Non-Industrial.

Yarikh is a victim of circumstance. The original colony was started at about the time the unsanctioned colony was discovered on Radigast, and Yarikh quickly fell victim to the Amber alert set in that system, and the only Jump1 route to Yarikh was through Radigast. The sad sack of a floating base that started the colony is still the only habitat, and it is rapidly falling apart as time and corrosion claim it.

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