Location: 0601
UPN: A455856-D G NT Ht
Satellites: Primary, Asteroid Belt, Jovian(46)

System Primary
Diameter: 6400km Gravity 0.35
Atmosphere: Thin
Hydrography: 47% (Large Oceans)
Temperature: Temperate

Starport ( A )

Berthing Fee: 6000cr/week.

Other Facilities:
Naval Base (Imperial Subsector Command)
Traveller’s Aid Society Hostel

255000000 humans

Regulation Level 5
No personal concealable weapons.
Restricted Trade: Weapons, Technology, Computers.

Market Profile: High Tech – High Technology may not be imported.

Peresvet is the subsector capital, and home of the Duke. The largest Imperial facility in the subsector is here, and it is not the Naval base. The downport is home to the Draeb Subsector Administration HQ, employing nearly 25000 workers. Beyond Imperial jurisdiction, the planetary government identifies with its technology industries (the original sponsor corporation was a tech firm), and are protective of that industry. Culturally, ostentatious display of tech or tech use is considered a badge of success and class.

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