Location: 401
UPN: A422994-B G NSRT HI In Na Po
Satellites: Primary, Rock, Ice, Ice, Jovian(22)

System Primary
Diameter: 6400km Gravity 0.35
Atmosphere: Very Thin, Tainted. (Respirator, Filter)
Hydrography: 22% (a few small seas).
Temperature: Temperate

Starport ( A )
Customs: 2D (less than 4)
Berthing Fee: 2000cr/week.

Other Facilities:
Naval Base
Scout Base
Research Station
Travellers Aid Hostel

1341933000 (1.34B) humans

Regulation Level 4
No assault weapons or machine guns.
Restricted Trade: Weapons, Technology, Drugs.

Market Profile: High Population, Industrial, Non-Agricultural, Poor

Parked in the center of the only real communications route in the subsector, Diane is the most populous system in the subsector, with the busiest starport. Although home to billions, the world is resource poor, and nearly everything must be imported, even food. Diane is similar to 20th century Japan in that it is a manufacturing and consumer hub, but is not self sufficient in most raw materials.
While the government is officially a parliamentary democracy, in fact the bureaucrats run the government. Elected officials are effective (or not) at the pleasure of the invisible masses of high and mid level department heads. Navigating the local authorities is an exercise in patience and network building.

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