Traveller:  Secrets of the Ancients 


This campaign is meant to be a full blown plot point campaign in the style of those created for various Savage Worlds settings, most notably 50 Fathoms, which has one of the best plot point campaigns ever assembled.

Plot Point campaigns are essentially location based, and advancement of the plot is completely driven by the players.   It is not necessarily static; in fact, a good PP will have a clock ticking in the background to prod players to act.  However, if the clock ticks slow enough, the players may also indulge in exploration of the setting and any number of numerous side quests.  This is the dynamic I will be trying to put in place here – a shameless swipe of the great Savage Worlds campaign method using my favorite space game/universe, Traveller.

In order for the plot point to work properly, the PCs will essentially have to be Free Traders, grouped on a single ship that plies  a single (sub)sector in space.  There may some limiting of career choices in order to facilitate this set up, but I am hoping that I can minimize such railroady behavior in setup, as I absolutely will not be driving the plot in the campaign proper (if I can help it).

A word about the title – I am stealing some basic concepts from the well known Traveller module my title is taken from, but I expect this campaign to be very different from that module.

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Traveller : Secrets of the Ancients

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