The Draeb subsystem

The Draeb Subsector

The Draeb subsector perches on the spinward edge of the Vland Sector, directly coreward of the Dusa subsector. To spinward is the empty Corridor Sector, 20 parsecs of empty space to the Strand subsector in Corridor. No direct travel is possible this way, Travellers must instead make their way coreward through the Narrows, then Lemish subsectors to cross the Corridor. There is a similar empty area streching rimward to the edge of the Kivu subsector. Geographically, Draebb is in many ways a backwater subsector.

It is a patently frontier sector, with its trailing systems (connecting to the rest of the Vland sector) settled no more than 200 years, and most systems settled less than 100 years, or even less than that as you move spinward. As part of the Vland sector, Draeb is considered part of the Imperium, but Imperial presence is limited, and concentrated around the two naval bases in the subsector.

Draeb is not among the up and coming frontier subsectors, in Imperial estimation. As much of the rimward areas of the sub sector are devoid of useful systems (or just plain unexplored), it is unlikely to become an economic hub in the foreseeable future. Even with that said, there is still no shortage of corporations looking to invest and establish a market foothold.

The limited Imperial presence means that most protection and law enforcement is concentrated on the main communications routes to coreward. As you travel spinward and/or rimward, patrols and enforcement diminish and the danger from pirates and other lawlessness increases, though many (especially scouts and explorers) wold argue that opportunity also increases. Most systems provide their own security as a matter of practicality (if they can).

Most trade is carried out by corporate freight lines nearer the communications routes, with much trade given over to free traders and small to medium carriers further out. AS might be expected in these zones, most such freighters are armed, and configured to be as self sufficient as possible.

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The Draeb subsystem

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