Location: 0803
UPN: C557643-4 G Ag Ga Lt NI

Satellites: Rock(2), Primary(2), Asteroid Belt, Ice(2), Asteroid Belt, Jovian(35)

System Primary
Diameter: 8000km Gravity: 0.45
Atmosphere: Thin
Hydrography: 69%
Temperature: Temperate

Starport ( C )
Notes: No downport
Berthing Fee: 300cr/week.

Other Facilities:

1519000 humans

Regulation Level 3
No military
Restricted Trade: Weapons, Drugs

Market Profile: Agricultural Garden World, Low Tech, Non-Industrial.

Ilwran was one of the original settled systems in the subsector,and considered quite desirable; was in fact the fastest growing colony initially. Unfortunately the governments vying for ascendancy at that time retorted to nuclear weapons. A full nuclear exchange was precipitated, and the planet was damaged. In the ensuing 130 years radiation levels have dipped, but the population has not recovered in terms of numbers or infrastructure. Circumstances are improving, but civilization is still tribal, and violent, though the Amber Travel code was lifted last year. The planet itself is no longer considered an ideal colony due to lingering effects on weather and topsoil, but a few corporations are planning to investigate possible opportunities that are still available.

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