Location: 0302
UPN: D3335D9-5 G S Lt NI Po
Satellites: Rock, Rock(2), Primary, Rock(2), Asteroid belt, Ice, Ice, Ice, Jovian(43)

System Primary
Diameter: 4800km (Mercury) Gravity: 0.25
Atmosphere: Very Thin (Respirator)
Hydrography: 34% (small seas and oceans)
Temperature: Temperate

Starport ( D )
Customs: 2D < 9
IMPORTANT! Consolation is warned by the Downport Authority that their vessel has been officially interdicted by the planetary government, and the downport cannot guarantee their safety outside the confines of the downport (or really even in it).
Notes: Highport facilities are limited; designed to support mining and ore processing.
Berthing Fee: 60cr/week.

Other Facilities:
Scout Base: ISS Base

208000 humans

Regulation Level 9
No weapons.
Restricted Trade: Weapons, Technology, Computers. All higher tech import must be pre-approved by the government.

Market Profile: Low Tech, Non-Industrial, Poor. Note Import restrictions above.

Alkonost is an almost barren rock squatting on the main communications route to the spinward end of the subsector. Its main industry is mining of the asteroid belt, which is largely run by a couple of rival corporations, though there are a number of families doing independent work, as the first colonists staked claims that are still being worked to this day.
The surface beyond the downport is barren and empty, with the natives living underground in what are described as horrific conditions due to ancient and deteriorating equipment. The populace proper is governed by a religious leader who is unnamed by local representatives, and who never leaves the underground areas. The tenets of the religion are only dimly understood, but central to the creed seems to be a rejection of technology, and veneration of the planet itself as a kind of birthplace or perhaps egg of some sort. Since unbelievers are not permitted to enter the underground areas, reliable information is not available. Travellers are advised to keep to startport areas to avoid conflict with the locals.

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