Sigguushda Yards

Small Shipyard enterprise


Sigguushda is a small shipbuilding consortium with yards on several worlds. Most are capable only of undertaking repairs to smaller vessels or constructing sub-100-ton craft. However, Sigguushda does have yards that can build starships of up to 400 tons. Typically, these turn out a steady stream of Subsidised Merchants and Free Traders for the local commercial
market, but one of Sigguushda’s yards has a license to build the controversial 400-ton Corsair.

Although named a Corsair, these ships were not designed as pirate vessels but instead as inexpensive multi-role warships for planetary navies and mercenary units. Since some Corsairs (not necessarily built in Sigguushda’s shipyards) have ended up in the wrong hands the firm has acquired a bad reputation as a supplier of vessels to pirates.

Sigguushda is still trying to clean up its reputation, and as a result is sympathetic towards any potential client wanting to enhance security or protect its trade vessels. It has begun operating a security consulting service and offers training in defensive and security operations for starship personnel. There is nothing unique about this, and Sigguushda is nowhere near the best supplier of such training, but the firm is trying hard to make up for
something that was not really its fault in the first place, and takes its newfound role as ‘the secure shipbuilder’ very seriously.



Diane – rep: Parminder Kumarasamy

Sigguushda Yards

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