Diversification, Inc

The name says it all


Diversification, Incorporated is more commonly known as DiCorp, and is exactly what the name suggests. It is a business group with interests in everything from shipbuilding to art galleries.
DiCorp has a good reputation for producing quality goods and delivering an excellent service, and their ‘Of course!’ marketing slogan is well-known. This translates to “Yes, we can do that for you. Yes, we can make that for you. Yes, we can meet that need. Now, what is it you were wanting?”

DiCorp was formed by the merging of several smaller corporations and – unusually
– has retained virtually all the businesses it started with. Most merged business groups find a market sector and concentrate on it, but there seems to be little pattern to the operations of DiCorp other than the fact that it will concern itself with nothing that does not make money


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Diversification, Inc

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