Traveller : Secrets of the Ancients

Welcome to my latest attempt to run Traveller!

A full plot point approach.

OK, here we go with a Traveller Campaign again! For those of you who have endured my previous attempts, this one is gonna hang around for a bit………… really! Why do I think that?

Traveller is a great system and I really enjoy running it. However, it is an older system, and as such, there are really only two ways to run it.
The first way is to set up a system, create some characters, and then just start playing, using the myriad random tables to generate everything from plots to planetary weather. WE have done this one a couple of times, and for some reason run out of steam on them after a fairly short run. It may be because even with random generation, it is hard to come up with plots and stuff on the fly. I think it wears down my enthusiasm for actually running the fgame, because having NO IDEA where a session is going when we sit down makes me uncomfortable. In addition, I think our experiences as a group of RPGers has taught us that the group is not terribly proactive. With a few exceptions, most of the “player-driven” games we have tried lately have been a poor fit.
So, how am I proposing that we address these issues? By playing Traveller the OTHER way: lots of prep.
I’ve always thought Traveller is a great sand box game, but we are not a great sandbox group. e have, however, played quite a few Savage Worlds plot point campaigns (50 Fathoms being he most successful), and they work for us, providing a good balance of plot structure and choice.
It follows in my mind that a 50 Fathoms style location baed plot point would work great in Traveller and for this group. To that end, I’m creating just such a campaign here.
Hopefully this post provides you with my reasoning, but let me know if you think I have missed or disregarded any salient information. I’m doing a wiki page to provide some setting parameters and other starting info, so watch for that.

I also did a forum post. I am going to leverage more of Obsidian Portal this time… is a great tool and if we can really adopt it I think everybody will appreciate the improved experience that is possible.


MCOlson MCOlson

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