Traveller : Secrets of the Ancients

Episode 2 - Diane

How much to fix this?

The crew receives 4 offers to do repairs on the Consolation:

Shigguushda Yards – Parminder Kumarasamy – 940KCr, 1 week, Estimated. Guaranteed for a 10% premium, which can be applied against many security options if not used.

Ironbottom Shiptard ( DiCorp ) – Juan Carlos Boshian – 950KCr, 6days, flat rate. They guarantee the price, but will not guarantee delivery, although will be in no more than 10 days.

Tortuga Shipyards a subsidairy of The Jaice Group – Delma LaBrie – 800KCr, 5 days, estimated, negotiable. Everything is negotiable here, especially if the crew agrees to do some work for them

AuricTech Shipyards – Harsana – 1.05MCr, 4 days, guaranteed. No negotiation.

After some discussion, the crew decides that Aurictech is worth the xtra money. Now to pay for it……

Siedler Insurance Group, the insurers of the sightseeing liner Abyssinia, conduct a routine investigation into the accident (Rendel Von Worbeke). Rendel explains that since the statistical likelyhood of the collision is infinitesimally small the investigation as almost a formality. He requested formal statements from the pilot, a copy of the ship logs back to exiting orbit from Peresvet, a list of people on the bridge, etc. He also explained plans to interview all passengers.
The crew prudently neglected to mention Skreen at all. Simon suddenly realized that nobody knew if Skreen showed up in the Auto-logs. To the relief of all, he did not… was like he was never there.

News of Consolation’s misfortune travels fast. A Mr. Camsol from Saarvis Fabrications offered the PCs $500 each to just take a meeting with the CEO, Landin Saarvis. Saarvis offered them a job – rescue his son from the Sword of Zeme, an eco-terrorist group who has been harassing the company. He offered 100KCr to return his son and punish the kidnappers.
After tracking down the “terrorists”, the crew learned that the danger was overblown by Saarvis, and his son was not kidnapped at all, but a willing member of the group (though that may have been driven by hormones, as he is in a relationship with one of the group leaders). The son offered $75KCr to forget the investigation. They duly reported failure to Saarvis (though a Saarvis strike team ALMOST blew it for them). Landin Saarvis promptly stiffed them.

The crew was also contacted by Victoria Olsen, a bartender and widow of a pirate who stole 500KCr in gold coins from Egata Mining Corp. Her story was quite suspcious to the group, and they were spilt on getting involved. Not resolved before Saarvis dangled 100KCr for a more straight forward mission.

Avery is recognized by a researcher, Dr. Ashley Walravens. She is conducting clinical tests on Naval personnel, cataloging the impact of subspace radiation over long exposure, and due to her tenure in the Navy, Avery would be a prime candidate. Avery goes for the requested scan, which takes about 3 hours to complete. Avery signs releases and the proper legal documents. Walraven is quite young and beautiful.

Daniel runs into Akhua, an Aslan he met while scouting in The Corridor 3 years ago. Akhua is an ally. He is conducting a courier mission to the Imperial Consulate on Diane, and is carrying a sealed letter, which he will not even talk about. The two are attacked by two other Aslan assassins. Even after this incident, he will refuse to discuss the incident. He leaves the system in a hurry, contradicting what he told Daniel about his schedule.

Meanwhile, Laurence and Theo entertain Katinka Droog – a beautiful older woman flanked by servants and dressed in elaborate garb, she claims to be a cultural attache from Alkonost. She is very pleasant and very seductive looking, flirting with her eyes even as she discusses business or other routine subjects. After some conversational maneuvering, she tries to recruit the women of Consolation to refer young women to her to work on Alkanost. Indeed, she invites Theo and Avery to do so as well. Theo questions her closely about the nature of the work (so, you’re looking for breeding stock, eh?"), which offends Katinka. She leaves in a huff, vowing to assure Consolation is never welcomed on Alkonost.


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