Traveller : Secrets of the Ancients

Character backgrounds - Last Installment

A question for everybody at the end!

2413 : Vland, Vland subsector

Theo arranges to meet Simon on Vland, even though they do not know each other, to solicit Simon for advice on her entertainment career even though he is out of the entertainment business. When they arrive, both have mail – packages, to be exact.
In Theo’s package there is a strange glass ball. The inside of the ball appears to be some sort of cloudy swirling liquid. If a she stares intently for a long time at the liquid, there will be brief moments where it will seem like she can see a strange object of some kind in the liquid. This strange shape will immediately disappear as soon as it is noticed, and even if several characters are all staring at the same time only one will see it. Despite appearing to be glass, the object seems almost indestructible.
Theo also quickly learns that when her skin touches the globe, she has visions of a lovely woman. She feels as she is present with the woman, but goes unnoticed. She will hear a voice speaking in the background, but it will be completely unintelligible to her.

Simon’s package is also unmarked, and contains a disk, like an air hockey puck. It appears to be made of metal, but is very light. It is studded with strange bumps and almost circuit-like patterns on one side, but otherwise appears inert. The flip side displays no features on it’s brushed metal surface.

Theo immediately contacts her pod-mate Laurence, who drops everything to come and study the mysterious items. They prove impenetrable to him, even when he calls on several experts in the field. In spite of extensive investigation, the sender of the packages is a complete mystery.

What is your theory for why Simon and Theo were singled out to receive these artifacts?
Why did you agree to keep the artifacts a secret?
What are you not telling them about your study of the artifacts?
Why do you trust Simon to hang on to “his” artifact even though he is clearly a shady character?

Why did you decide to track down Simon for advice about your career? What about him convinced you that he could provide valuable advice?
What about your experience with the artifact have you kept from Laurence and Simon?
Why did you propose that the artifacts be kept secret?
What did you learn about George during your joint research effort that convinced you he was a trustworthy ally?
What about your artifact are you not telling Theo and Laurence?

Final Question for everybody
Why are you travelling? What made you say Yes when Stacey proposed becoming free traders in a backwater like the Draeb Subsector?

OK, please provide answers to questions and any other feedback or comment below.


From Mike (Simon Treadwater):
Someone went through alot of trouble to get these packages to us … there must be a motive. Why advertise our possession until we know more? As for why I trust George – I read people well, and he seems an open book – if he’s going to turn dime on us somehow, I’ll know … which is why I’m travelling with him and Theodora – keeping ’em close.


I seeked out Simon, as I felt my career wasn’t moving along as I wanted and I have friends who highly recommended him.

Ship names – The Impulsive, Dragonfly, Triumph or Onxy


From George via email:

1. What is your theory for why Mike and Beth were singled out to receive these artifacts?
This is quite baffling. They have little in common, save careers in entertainment. I might have thought this was some sort of Virtual Reality show. But items as obviously rare as these would not be risked for something so mundane. If it isn’t some weird, random joke, the following must be true:

The person or organization that sent the items knows Theodora and Simon quite well.

Theodora has some sort of affinity for her object; hence, the odd visions.

Simon’s does not have an observable resonance with the disk. Perhaps it is time or place sensitive?

2. Why did you agree to keep the artifacts a secret?
When contacting colleagues, I was rather vague. There is no reason for every treasure hunter in the sector to know about the artifacts. I am somewhat jealous of the little knowledge of the ancients that I have. Money doesn’t interest me; hence putting up 40% of the ship with no demand for 40% profits. It’s enough for me to have a ship to winkle out the truth that obsesses me.

3. What are you not telling them about your study of the artifacts?
How insanely unusual they are. As far as I know, they are unique, and likely would fetch an Emperor’s ransom on the black market.

4. Why do you trust Mike to hang on to “his” artifact even though he is clearly a shady character?
I don’t, not completely. The only option would be to steal the thing, and being a hunted fugitive would make it most difficult to do my work. But he seems unlikely to sell it until he ascertains its true worth. Another reason I won’t let him know its potential value.

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